More than 4000 hotel are using Simple Booking Engine

Simple Booking is a different booking engine suite that will make your hotel life as cloudless as never before. We don’t simply want to boost your online direct bookings. We want to change your life. Sit down, relax and grow!

Website Design in Cambodia

Website Design in Cambodia
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Steve Jobs used to say that “simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

All these years we have worked very hard to create Simple Booking: a hotel booking engine so easy and seamless to use that could change your entire life.

Updating rooms availability, setting new rates and catching your guests’ bookings will be as easy as never before. Now you can do everything you want with the minimum effort. Smile: you have the magic wand!

Do you know why people leave your hotel’s booking engine? They assume the price is cheaper elsewhere. And this “elsewhere” is already taking a lot of money from you every month.

Rate Match by Simple Booking will give you everything you need to tip the balance in your favor: it compares prices between you and the OTAs in real time, showing them directly to your potential customers, and automatically match the lower price to guarantee the best rate in your website.

Clients will love it. You will love it too, when you’ll see your direct bookings grow by double-digits!

You say you want a channel manager. Do you want to know a secret? You do not need one, because soon they will be gone, just like dinosaurs in the Ice Age. The good news is that a new generation channel manager is already here.

No more Excel files or worksheets. To make your work easier, smoother and faster, we have replaced the old style channel manager with Simple Booking iRev: a fast, secure and powerful distribution software.

Update hotel room rates and availability on your PMS or booking engine and iRev will automatically do it on all your channels, as fast and flawlessly as only Usain Bolt could do… Goodbye dinosaurs. Welcome Usain!

WinCloud PMS, the world’s only fully integrated PMS for all kinds of properties launches in Australia and New Zealand with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

With core modules like Front Office, POS, Back office, etc. to specialised modules such as Spa, Golf and Marketing, the product offers solutions for all functions in Hospitality accommodation space.

In addition, it’s fully integrated with popular Channel Managers and other infrastructure interfaces.

WinCloud is now available on your private cloud and public cloud with the same functionality as WinHMS and accessible online and priced to suit your needs.

With 24×7 global support, WinCloud means business and deliver superior value through great customer service and 23 feature rich modules.

Are you in need of a website for your business? Not sure where to begin? We can help you create the website of your dreams. From basic web sites to database driven e-commerce solutions we’ve got you covered. We specialize in affordable, search-engine friendly website designs.

Over fifteen (15) years of professional experience with design concepts for web design and know how to make a great design, a great website. Coding basically makes an image into a fully interactive, fully working website.

With us you get an affordable, high quality, professional and reliable web site design service. We can help you enhance the profile of your business or organization.

Ultimate security system
Private data are as precious as gold but Simple Booking is as safe as a strongbox. We have implemented all the top worldwide security certifications, so your guests can book fast and safely and your revenues can keep growing.
Maximize your revenues, simplify back-office activities, speak with all your reservation integrated systems? It’s more than simple: it’s Simple Booking.

The safety of a booking engine starts from an effective assistance. Our helpdesk supports you in the training to master all the product’s features and solves problems with interventions judged excellent in 98.7 % of cases. Our aim is to ensure a high performance product to the greatest extent possible.

To always have the pulse of your business you have to know at all times what is happening behind the scenes of your direct reservation system. Simple Booking is integrated with the best tools of Web Analytics so to provide the ROI of online campaigns, test the performance of all e-commerce activities through custom reports and find more opportunities for your business.

Extreme flexibility and targeting are our watchwords: know your audience to turn them more easily into customers. Provide tailor-made solutions to each one of your clients using our exclusive Book Back feature.

More than 4000 hotels worldwide are using Simple Booking.

The easiest way to get more direct reservations. The right step to use enhanced technologies on your website.

Simple Booking Hotelier App
Simple Booking Rate Match

Simple Booking Hotelier App: to get realtime notifications and updates directly on your smartphone.

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